Investment Process

Our process is one which concentrates upon investment fundamentals, utilising both top down and bottom up strategies. We place emphasis on analysing the strength of the business model, the sustainability of returns and the ability of the company to pay escalating dividends to shareholders through all market conditions. Earnings visibility and the ability to maintain margins are carefully considered. Potential investments are screened utilising a number of investment models and, once they pass the screening test, are added to our investment universe. Our investment approach follows a total return methodology over a rolling 3 year period. Synaptic focus upon investing in liquid securities that are easily tradeable upon recognised markets. We avoid complex and opaque structures such as hedge funds and risk orientated derivatives.

Account Opening and operation Process

  • A representative of Synaptic contacts you or your Financial Intermediary to assess your financial requirements. This involves filling a simple Fact Finding Questionnaire.
  • A proposal is sent based on these financial requirements.
  • On approval of the proposal, your dedicated financial advisor will help you complete application forms.
  • An account is opened in your name with a reputable international Custodian bank.
  • You fund your custodian account and Synaptic starts to implement trades in line with your mandate parameters.
  • Fees are deducted from your custody account in line with your mandate parameters.
  • Your financial advisor will send you a report at regular interval to update you on our management of your portfolio or you can access reports online.

You can withdraw funds from your account for any reason you may have by sending your instructions addressed to Synaptic. All funds withdrawn from your Custody account will be paid to a bank account in YOUR name only.