Services & Products

Synaptic Investment Services offers a range of portfolios to suit each investor’s individual tastes and growth strategy. Here you will find an overview of each portfolio, with a link to a pdf document with further information.

ETF Portfolio

balancedA Portfolio designed to offer investors a broad exposure to markets by using exchange traded funds.

Click here to download the model portfolio.


Global Long Term Equity Portfolio

global-long-termThe portfolio aims to create wealth for investors over the medium to longer term. In addition to outperforming the benchmark MSCI All country World Index, the portfolio aims to outperform the average return of a similar peer group without assuming additional risk.

Click here to download the model portfolio.


Dividend Growth Equity Portfolio

dividend-growthThe Dividend Growth and Equity Portfolio invests into a basket of 10 to 20 stocks which have a track record of dividend payments or which are likely to have a good stream of dividend payments, together with future growth potential.

Click here to download the model portfolio.


Private Clients

Our portfolios maintain a clear objective and focus that includes the following aims:

Medium/ Long Term Horizon More often than not, investors focusing upon a quick gain in markets end up with a bad experience. Our portfolio managers understand the nature of markets and will invest with a time horizon of generally at least three years to better eliminate short term volatility factors.

Risk Management We understand the effort of our clients, often over generations, to create wealth. As far as is practicable, we do not pursue high returns by compromising on the safety of investor capital.

Tax Efficiency Indeed, it is not enough to generate sufficient returns if these are absorbed by high tax rates. Our proposals and fund management try to incorporate as far as is possible the individual tax situations of investors based on information obtained from their financial advisors.


We appreciate that developing and servicing a network in the wealth management sector is time consuming and costly. By building on the expertise that Synaptic can offer, you can utilize its skills in fund management and administration and focus your efforts on growing your client base.

We provide our introducers and clients with clearly focused information which assist in the process of taking an investment enquiry through to the investment itself and post investment reporting. We are active in facilitating the application process, managing the assets and also assisting you in reporting on the performance to your client. Your clients also have online access to their portfolios when required.

Synaptic respects the privileged relationship you enjoy with YOUR client.


We understand the special fiduciary nature governing trust and the challenges which Trustees face in the management of funds assets. Designing and managing portfolios is a specialist skill which is applied to the special circumstances of each investor. Synaptic assists Trustees to ascertain the risk profile of trusts from their objectives and design portfolio allocation and guidelines accordingly. We manage the portfolio in line with the parameters Trustees are comfortable with and will provide reports on a regular basis. Synaptic is also glad to provide white labeled reports or equally meet with beneficiaries to update them on the management of their funds.

Our Fees and Expenses

Synaptic operates transparent and reasonable pricing giving fair value for the expert services it provides

Portfolio Size Fees
USD 150,000 1.50%
USD 150,000 – USD 250,000 1.25%
USD 250,000 – USD 500,000 1%
Above USD 500,000 Negotiable


In addition to these, there may be other third party fees associated to the normal management of the portfolio: These include entry fees, brokerage and custody